Introducing IncomePilot. A new way to understand how much of your freelance income is safe to spend.

Freelance confidently

The promise of freelancing is independence and freedom. When it comes to earning self-employment income though, freelancers are still responsible for withholding taxes and accounting for expenses in the same way as the payroll department of a large company.

With IncomePilot, freelancers can easily track their income, understand their tax liability and account for deductible expenses with a simple tool built specifically for the needs of a solo entrepreneur.

Freelancers should be able to work independently, confident that they understand their true income at all times. IncomePilot is designed to help.

Everything you need to understand your income.

Plan your finances like a pro

Don’t wait until April to discover you owe thousands in tax payments. Track your withholding as you go and plan ahead.

Track your expenses

You don’t know how much of each paid invoice is yours to keep, so you can't be confident you're allocate the right amount to the right things.

Use your existing data

If you process payments using a tool that sends an amount and a date to Stripe Income Pilot will work. Get instant insights. No data input, no fuss.

Let software do the work for you

You don’t need to worry about your taxes and income every single day. Create your allocations once, “set and forget” and Income Pilot will keep track of everything automatically.

Ready to take control of your finances?

IncomePilot is currently in the works and will be opening to a small number of beta users soon. Tell me a little about your freelance business and I'll be in touch.